The European Music Production Association (EMPA) represents the interests of music producers by offering professional development opportunities, promoting best practices, conducting research and disseminating information, creating a sense of community, providing support and resources, promoting gender equality and fair remuneration in the music industry, organizing events, and fostering international cooperation and collaboration to help members achieve their goals.

Following the EU co-funded gender project, Project first.wave, EMPA was born with a long-term strategy aimed at creating a balanced and fair future for the music production area. While diversity and inclusion remain top priorities, EMPA recognizes the need to address the bigger picture of the industry's current conditions and work towards driving systemic change. Through its activities, EMPA aims to represent and support the interests of music producers, offer professional development opportunities, promote best practices, conduct research and disseminate information, create a sense of community, and foster international cooperation and collaboration. By doing so, EMPA strives to empower music production professionals and facilitate the growth of a more equitable and sustainable industry.


Our mission is to establish a sustainable and inclusive music industry that values the contributions of all music producers and people working gin the music production process, regardless of gender, and ensures their fair and equitable treatment in all aspects of their work.


|  Diversity & Inclusion 

Our main priority is to achieve gender equality in music production to further boost diversity in the music industry.

|  Fair and Balanced Remuneration

Shaping policy and the music industry to ensure fair and balanced remuneration for people working in the field of music production in terms of pay and share.

Braking the Silos

Promoting collaboration and communication between different sectors and stakeholders within the music industry, with the goal of breaking down traditional silos and fostering a more connected and inclusive ecosystem.

Gender-Balanced Music

The priority is to increase the amount of gender-balanced music on the market and to influence major music sourcing industries to acquire and promote gender-balanced music.